“When you
at the source
of the breath,
all the beings
who breathe
are one with you.”



Breath is Life
Breath is the bridge between the material, physical world and the inner being—the soul—which is blissful and free. For all human beings, breath holds the key to the recognition and realization of this inner being. Anyone who masters the breath will no longer be a victim of his mind and ego; rather, such a person will live a life of health, happiness, and freedom from fear.

Yossi Dayan has been teaching meditation and Praanayam, the yogic science of breath, in the Himalayas for the past twenty years. Having discovered for himself the undeniable benefits of Praanayam, he began to impart this ancient yogic practice. His teaching has inspired people of all ages and cultures, from all walks of life. Yossi is certified by the International Meditation Institute, Himalayas, India.


As a Praanayam master, Yossi has the unique ability to create an atmosphere of ease, relaxation, and joy. He believes that freedom can only come from freedom, and he teaches with a light and graceful touch that simplifies these ancient techniques, making them accessible to everyone.